What is Slack?

Here's how you join Slack.

Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration system on steroids. You can download the program on Slack's website. Also, you can access Slack channels you have joined through the web browser. In order to access the Techlahoma Slack, you must create an account separate from any other Slack accounts you might already have, which you can request at http://slack.techlahoma.org/. After creating an account, you can access the Techlahoma Slack by visiting https://techlahoma.slack.com/.

How to Find Us

Once you are logged into your account in the Techlahoma Slack, click on the "Channels" header on the top of the channels list on the left to browse the list of available channels.

Search for "freecodecamp" and click on it.

When you first click on a channel from the list, you will be previewing it and unable to chat in it. To actually join a channel, click on the "Join" button at the bottom of the window.

Suggested Channels

Here are some great channels in the Techlahoma Slack!

  • #freecodecamp - Share beginner-friendly resources, ask questions and have discussions about web development, Python, or other coding related topics
  • #ug-freecodecampok - Get info and discuss about events specific to this group
  • #okc-metro - Discuss events happening in OKC and the surrounding metro area
  • #javascript - General discussions pertaining to JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular.js, Node.js, etc)
  • #tech-talk - Anything related to technology! Chat about the latest tech toys/gizmos, tech trends or ask a question about any technology-related issue
  • #jobs - Here you'll find job postings from companies around the state, and find job-related information. You can also ask questions about a particular job opening
  • #announcements - Here you will find reminders and announcements about Techlahoma meetups and other events
  • #random - As the name suggests, anything not related to technology. Talk about a great place to eat, things to do or anything else you fancy!

Additional Information

For more information about using Slack, visit the Slack Help Page:


Code of Conduct:

The Techlahoma Code of Conduct applies in the community Slack as well. By following the Techlahoma Code of Conduct in Slack, you are agreeing to exhibit professional and courteous behavior, as well as follow its anti-harassment policy. This ensures that Techlahoma's good reputation is upheld. If you would like to review the Techlahoma Code of Conduct, you may do so at https://www.techlahoma.org/code-of-conduct.

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Download Slack Apps for Android and iOS:

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