Techlahoma Member Spotlight

Alex Ayon

FreeCodeCampOK co-organizer. Software Engineer at Anautics. California raised. UCSC Alum, go Slugs!

Andre Butler

Front-end Software Engineer. 🧑🏾‍💻 Always learning. 📕 Passionate about using tech to elevate people and build community. ✊🏿

Kimberly Collins

OKC# co-organizer. Senior C#/SQL Server Software Developer at MY Consulting Group. Volunteer for lots of local tech events.


Slack: @kimberlycollins

Matthew Lee

Self taught programmer. I love making and playing games. Always willing to chat about life, the universe and everything!

Devon Mobley

Full-Stack Software Developer and Solutions Consultant. Self-taught helping others find what they love to do. Community liaison for Techlahoma and entrepreneurship in OKC!

Tanner Smith

Bootcamp graduate and self taught programmer. Software Engineer at Drov Technologies. I make music and practice yoga :)

Chris Tse

FreeCodeCampOK co-organizer. Software Engineer at Oracle. Big fan of anime, mechanical keyboards, and PC building.