Techlahoma Member Spotlight

Alex Ayon

FreeCodeCampOK co-organizer. Software Engineer. California raised. UCSC Alum, go Slugs!

Andre Butler

Front-end Software Engineer. 🧑🏾‍💻 Always learning. 📕 Passionate about using tech to elevate people and build community. ✊🏿

Kimberly Collins

Senior C#.NET software engineer and SQL Server database consultant.


Slack: @kimberlycollins

Cal Corbin

Software Engineer at Artemis. Self taught programmer, Sooner graduate. Freetime is devoted to making various smoked meats.

James Deaton

Technologist, geek, gadgeteer, southpaw, Okie, addicted to the datastream and all things *nix - with MacOS being close enough.

Kyle Enderland

Enjoys: programming, Dungeons and Dragons, and the spiciest dad jokes.

Jake Fellwock

Self taught programmer, Musician & Space Enthusiast 🪐 | Always learning and looking to contribute!

Anthony Hudspeth

Sr. System Administrator and self-taught developer. Love blogging and working on programming projects

John Jordan

Coder. Always learning, easily distracted.

Erich Keil

Designer, Developer, Production Manager

Matthew Lee

Self taught programmer. I love making and playing games. Always willing to chat about life, the universe and everything!

Devon Mobley

Full-Stack Software Developer and Solutions Consultant. Self-taught helping others find what they love to do. Community liaison for Techlahoma and entrepreneurship in OKC!

Tanner Smith

I like playing guitar and working with/on startups. My latest adventure is

Chris Tse

FreeCodeCampOK co-organizer. Software Engineer. Big fan of anime, mechanical keyboards, and PC building.